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Detailed Programme of the 96th Annual Conference

Brochure and Registration form for the 96th Annual Conference

Themes for the 96th Annual Conference of the IEA 2012 (For details please refer to the IEA Newsletter 2013)

Theme I :

Growth Prospect of Indian Economy during the 12th Plan and after

  Sub Themes:

Theme II :

Unorganized non farm Sector in the Indian Economy - Emerging Issues and Policies

  Sub Themes:

Theme III :

Agricultural Growth in Indian Economy - Regional Experiences and Policies

  Sub Themes:

Theme IV :

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar's Economic and Social Thoughts and their Contemporary Relevance

  Sub Themes:

Special Session on Tamil Nadu Economy

The special session of the 96th Annual Conference will deal with the economy of Tamil Nadu. Papers on the same would be invited by and are to be sent directly to the Convener of this session:

Convener :

Dr. R.Balasubramaniyan,
Associate Professor,
Department of Economics,
D.G.Vaishnav College (Autonomous),
Chennai-600 106.
Mail: baladgv@yahoo.co.in
Mobile: 09444902077
Home: 044-23638274



Papers must reach latest by 31st August 2013. Papers received after the last date will not be considered for publication in the Conference Volume. Members can however be allowed to present their papers received after the due date only with the permission of the President Association.


The paper should be in about 3000 words typed in Times New Roman font 12 in double space, with an abstract of 500 words. Along with a hard copy, the CD containing the paper must be sent. Articles should be typed in MS-WORD only. Research Papers on other formats will not be considered. Kindly mention your date of birth in your forwarding letter for consideration of awards for your paper.

Two hard copies of the papers should be sent to the President Association and One hard copy along with a CD should reach the, Joint Secretary (West) Dr. Mohan Bhai Patel, latest by 31st August, 2013, on their addresses given below.

Members desirous to know the details about the activities of the Indian Economic Association and Indian Economic Journal may visit at the website www.indianeconomicjournal.org.

President Association


Indian Economic Association
Chairman : Indian Council of Social Sciences Research
Aruna Asaf Ali Marg,
New Delhi - 110067.
Phone No.: 011-26741679 (O)
E-mail: chairman@icssr.org

Joint Secretary (West Zone)

Dr. Mohan Patel

N S Patel Arts College
N S Patel Circle,
Bhalej Road, Anand - 388001.
Mob.- 09924300280
E-mail: mohansp@yahoo.co.in

Important note for the Paper Writers

  • The papers of only those authors will be considered who are members of the Indian Economic Association. Those who are not the members of the IEA, but wish to submit their papers, will have to first become members by filling the requisite form and fees, the details of which are available at the IEA website.

  • The co-authors too need to be the members of the IEA. Co-authors who are not the members of the IEA, will automatically have their names deleted from the Paper Author(s) unless they too become the members.

  • Contributors of research papers are required to mention their E-mail ID, Phone/Mobile Number and address with PIN code along with their names in their covering letters. These are essential for coauthors also.This information is mandatory. It will help the editorial board to communicate to the contributors in an efficient manner.

  • The Paper Contributors are requested to also mention in their forwarding letters their membership number as per the IEA Membership Profile 2012, circulated during the 95th Conference at GITAM University, Visakhapatnam.

  • The Authors of the Papers whose full papers are selected by the Refree of the Respective Theme, will be required to sign an undertaking that will make it mandatory for them to come and present the Paper during the Annual Conference. The failure to sign and abide by the undertaking will amount to the rejection of the selected paper to be printed in full in the Conference Volume of the Indian Economic Journal.



Distinguished experts in the field of Economics will be invited to deliver memorial lectures. The IEA has decided that two memorial lectures will be delivered at the time of 96th Annual Conference. One in the memory of Prof. P.R. Brahmananda, and second in the memory of Prof. Vera Anstey will be delivered by eminent scholars.

This year also the National Stock Exchange (NSE) will sponsor the Annual Lecture Series on Financial Economics, in the name of Dr. R.H. Patil Annual Lecture Series.

Other Forthcoming Conferences and Seminars

National level seminars are also organized by the IEA in collaboration with Regional Economic Associations and other Institutions to develop the intellectual frontiers of the members located at far-flung rural and semi-urban places. During year 2013-14, the following programmes have been organized by the IEA: