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Indian Economic Association

The Indian Economic Association is a national level body of the economics professionals. There are number of Regional level bodies in the different states of the country, which organize their own annual conferences and other academic events at the regional levels. The Indian Economic Association has informal networking arrangements with the different Regional Economic Associations, with a view to promote synergy in the efforts aimed at improving the professional standards in the country.

The Indian Economic Association has taken the initiative to strengthen the academic activities of Regional Economic Associations and State/Regional level Universities and Colleges to foster greater participation by researchers from remote areas, who otherwise generally lack access to proper information and opportunities. Keeping this vision in mind, the IEA moved forward in this direction by giving financial assistance to Regional Economic Associations and State/Regional level Universities and Colleges. In the year 2013-14, financial assistance to the order of Rs. 50,000 each was given to three regional associations-- Economic Association of Bihar to organize its 15th Annual Conference, Goa Economic Association to organize international Seminar on "Emerging Challenges and Prospects of Indian Economy"; and Department of Economics, Aligarh Muslim University to organize national seminar on "Economic Growth in India and Challenges of Inclusiveness".

On the basis of the proposals received, the IEA has decided that during the year 2013-14, the Vidarbha Economic Association, Maharashtra and Presidency College will be given similar assistance to organize the regional conferences and seminars. The IEA Office decides about the assistance to be given from among the proposals and requests it receives each year.

The IEA Executive Committee members of respective states must ensure that they send the updated information about the Regional Economic Association of their State/Region latest by September 30th, 2014 to enable the Secretary and Treasurer to include their activities in IEA profile, 2014. The Joint Secretaries of the four regions are required to update the membership profile of the members in the states falling in their respective regions and they are also authorized to look into the networking among the various Regional Economic Associations to make them more functional.

The List of some of the Regional Economic Associations is given below:
  • Andhra Pradesh Economic Association
  • Association of Economists of Tamilnadu (AET)
  • Bengal Economic Association (Bangiya Arthaniti Parishad)
  • Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University Economic Welfare Association - Agra
  • Economic Association of Bihar
  • Chhattisgarh Economic Association
  • Goa Economic Association
  • Gujarat Economic Association
  • Haryana Economic Association
  • Jiwaji University Economic Association
  • Karnataka Economic Association
  • Kerala Economic Association
  • Konkan Arthashastra Parishad
  • Madhya Pradesh Economic Association (MPEA)
  • Maharashtra Economic & Commerce Association (MEACA)
  • Mangalore University Economic Association (MUEA)
  • Marathwada Economic Association
  • Marathi Arthashastra Parishad
  • Orissa Economic Association (OEA)
  • Rajasthan Economic Association
  • SNDT Economic Teachers' and Students' Welfare Association
  • Tamil Nadu Economics Association (TNEA)
  • The Economic Association of Himachal Pradesh
  • The North Eastern Economic Association
  • Uttar Pradesh Economics Association
  • Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal Economic Association
  • Vidarbha Arthashastra Parishad