How to structure with your compare and contrast essay format

The method for writing your compare and contrast essay does not have an iron cast compare and contrast essay format. There are numerous formats and methods, and numerous structuring methods that different organizations use. If you are commissioned to write a compare and contrast essay, or you are asked to write one for educational institution in order to further your education, then it is better if you ask them and find out the formatting and structuring guidelines for your essay.

First you should have an introduction

Your introduction should start with some sort of quotation, generalization, or anecdote. You may use this to lead into your thesis statement, or you may simply use it as an opening statement for your essay. Despite the fact that there are numerous ways to write a compare and contrast essay, this type of introduction is the most commonly seen. If however, you wish to simply lead with an attention grabbing start and then thesis, then that is ok too.

How to structure the body of your essay

Start with topic number one. Your essay can have several topics but try to keep each topic to one paragraph. The topic is something that you compare and contrast. For example within your first paragraph you would have your topic, and your topic would contain two elements. You briefly explain these two elements and then display/illustrate how they are similar or dissimilar. You may be tempted to mention topics that you’re going to contrast later on in the essay, but try not to.

What to do with topic number two

Here you would add another two elements which are briefly explained, and then compare and contrast them. Yet again you would compare and contrast in order to show how they are similar or how they are dissimilar. When it comes to the third paragraph you can start a new topic and examine two new elements. Or, you could compare and contrast the first two paragraphs in your essay. Essentially you would be comparing and contrasting topic one and topic two together. You would analyze and point out any differences or perhaps analyze and point out how the seemingly related topics are actually completely unrelated. If you decide to do this, then the manner in which you make your point is up to you.

How to write your conclusion

This should be quite similar to your introduction. It should be a generalization of the thesis that you made in the introduction, or whatever method you used in your introduction, e.g. an anecdote. When you conclude you should talk in certainties. When you conclude, you are backing up the topics you covered earlier by the way of a coherent statement as to whether they are similar or dissimilar. Your goal is to reaffirm your thesis through pointing out the things that you compared and contrasted within the essay.